The Natural Health Clinic in Jaffa Courts is a home for health and wellness. We offer a wide range of quality massage therapies that are designed to strengthen the connection with the body and soul, and to provide tools for development and self-awareness for adults and children.
"Every one of us has the ability and the ancient wisdom to treat and heal our-self and others while improving our quality of life."

Massage is a journey of curiosity, creativity, and self-learning. Through touch we allow our selves to observe the body in a gentler and kinder way. Massage allows us to recognize the emotions and perceptions that create patterns in various areas in our body.

Massage when properly performed has the power to reach out to new sensitive and painful areas in our body, thereby empowering the body's natural ability to heal, which enables us to find relaxation and peace.

At the Natural Health Clinic, we believe it is important to create connection and awareness between body mind and soul and there is no better way to nature this connection than with massage.

Our vision is to promote and nurture self and physical awareness for all people with a sense of inner freedom and joy.

Massage helps to reduce stress anxiety and pain, relax muscles, and promote overall health and wellness.

Massage Sessions:

Integrated medical massage (for adult and children)
Pregnancy massage (starting from the 14th week)
Sports massage

Fascia manipulation massage
Deep tissue massage
Lymphatic Massage

Hot stones massage

60 Minutes/350 NIS

75 Minutes/430 NIS

90 Minutes/520 NIS

Hot stones 60 minutes/390NIS

Massage workshops:

Private couple massage workshop:

2.5-hour workshop 850 NIS

3-hour workshop 1100 NIS


Private pregnancy couple massage workshop: 90 minutes 700 NIS

Group couple massage workshop: 2.5 hours 500 NIS for two participants
Days & hours:

Sunday-Friday 8:30AM-4PM

Jaffa courts. 4 Salame Rd. Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Near the flea market and the old city)

Whatsapp/Cell: +1.972.54.3178911

email: porat.avigail@gmail.com
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Treatment Policy

Cancellation or postponement of treatment must be notified 24 hours prior to treatment

Any notification or non-notification later of the scheduled date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Please come to the clinic a few minutes before the scheduled treatment.

Treatment begins at the designated time. Any delay will, unfortunately, lead to a shortening of treatment time.

Treatments begin and end at the specified time.